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We are Licensed Private Investigators in Ontario.

A discreet consultation and advice is always free.

If you can't afford us,

we can give you a quick walkthrough on how to go about it yourself. 

We do not take every case!!

The kind of Investigation's that were willing to do are:

Surveillance jobs

  1. Infidelity “Cheating” Investigations,

  2. Insurance Fraud Investigations,

  3. Death Insurance Fraud Investigation,

  4. Anti-stalking services,


  1. Social Media Monitoring,

  2. Basic Online Background Check,

Other jobs we do

  1. Time Theft Investigations,

  2. Personal Confessor “Coffin Confessor”,

  3. Private Item Pickup,

  4. Scatter Ashes


Guelph, Ontario, Canada


Standing Member

Canada's Private Investigation Resource
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