The job of a personal confessor is to speak for those who can't.

We are part confessor and part truth teller.

When the time is right we will speak your truth for you.

You can hire us now to give any type of confession.

Just call,, email or fill out the form below we can work out the details.

We are for hire all around the world.

One of the top 10 regrets of the dying: Is words left unsaid

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Personal Confessor

How it works and what we do.

  • The job of a personal confessor is to speak for those who can't or don't want too.

  • We are first confessor and second truth teller. 

  • When the time is right we will speak your truth for you.

  • You can hire us now to give any confession.

  • We offer this because it's not always easy to say what's on your mind. We do not offer this as a crutch though, we recommended you do try to say everything that needs saying yourself.  

  • We are for hire around the world.

  • We do confessions for anything and everything but most of our confessions are done after death.

  • We don't recommend confessions at your funeral except under specific circumstances. Example: The family members or friends were totally despicable to the you.

  • The funeral I consider is for the grieving to say good bye. So we suggest the confessions be done in private after or before the funeral. Done for specific individuals or a small group involved. It can also be done with just letters as well.

  • You can always leave a request that someone does not come to your funeral and we can make sure that they don't.

  • If you still want the confession done at the funeral. I suggest we make it memorable. Something unforgettable. Maybe even entertaining.

  1. A live band playing your favorite music.

  2. You can wear your favorite tee-shirt and pants or nothing at all.

  3. We could publish an article in the news paper. Documenting everything from your side. It could be published as an Ad. Or a billboard on the highway or near your enemies house. 

  4. We can have stormtroopers and or Darth Vader show up. Even death could show up.

  5. Or a person in a squirrel costume with a sign saying  eat shit Bob 

  6. Paper bag's and bottles of your favorite alcohol for everyone who comes, it does not all have to be negative. I recommend cold concord grape wine.

  7. A letter could be handed out to everyone who shows up. Listing off your confessions positive or negative.

  8. We can be there to confess positive things as well. For a lot of people "I loved you" can be harder to say then I hated you.

  9. A Viking funeral with your cremated remains or your real remains if your local area allows it.

  10. An empty coffin because your real funeral is going on somewhere else. Surprise!!!! to all the people who showed up to the non funeral.

  11. A Haka Dance could be arranged as well.

  12. Really our imaginations are the limit.

  • First step contact us, we can talk about what you need. Contact by email, the form above or call

  • Second step we get all the details on paper. We will also record you on video, you saying what you have hired us to do. We can do that in person or through video chat ideally in person. After we work out all the details. We already have a contract ready.

  • Last step you send us or we will pick up everything we will need to carry out this job. The retainer and all information, it will all be kept in a safety deposit box. It will all be held until the time for the job is ready to start.

  • Cost's up to $10,000 Canadian plus travel expenses. It's only expensive for the cases where we might get our asses kick. Security is not totally cheap. 

  • I'm also a Reverend if that helps.