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We are Licensed Private Investigators in Ontario.

A discreet consultation and advice is always free.

If you can't afford us,

we can give you a quick walkthrough on how to go about it yourself. 

We do not take every case!!

The kind of Investigation's that were willing to do are:

  1. Personal Confessor “Coffin Confessor”,

  2. Infidelity “Cheating” Investigations,

  3. Insurance Fraud Investigations

  4. Death Insurance Fraud Investigation,

  5. Social Media Monitoring,

  6. Anti-stalking,

  7. Time Theft Investigations,

  8. Basic Online Background Check

War is Hell

Robert Slaughterhouse was diagnosed as suffering from the final stages of heart failure, a few weeks before he died, my Robert confessed ...


Guelph, Ontario, Canada


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