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Addicted to heroin and pain pills

Robert Slaughterhouse was addicted to heroin and pain pills. He couldn't hold down a job, so he got it in his head that he had nothing to live for and didn't care about anything except drugs, so he started robbing gas stations out in the middle of nowhere. He lives in rural North Carolina and there are plenty of isolated gas stations to hit if one is so inclined. Robert also broke into foreclosed homes and ripped the copper out of the walls. He did it all to support his habit. Robert wore a hoodie and beanie with a bandana over his face with sunglasses and carried a gun.

Robert met the love of his life in 2015. He realized he had a reason to live. With a better outlook on life he straightened up. Now he works in the gun industry something Robert always had a huge passion for.

Robert says for the record I know I'm a piece of shit. If I would have been shot going into any of these places I would have absolutely deserved it but at the time I 100% didn't care. I never planned on hurting anyone. I didn't want to but I most certainly would have if it came down to a situation where they were preventing me from getting away.

I'll be honest I don't have much of a conscience but I knew the difference between right and wrong and I know I did terrible things. I was raised better than that but heroin doesn't give a damn about your morals. Heroin gets what heroin wants. I'll never forget the look on some of those people's faces when they were looking down the barrel of my gun.

Complete shock and terror, some people weren't afraid or at least didn't show it. They just looked at me with a blank face, put the money in the bag and tossed it at me.

Another thing that caused me to stop was my passion for firearms. If something happened where I got caught I'd have been a felon and never (legally) allowed to own them anymore. I wasn't gonna be taken alive though if I could help it.

I'm married and a dad now and I wouldn't in a million years do any of that again but there's my confession.

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