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Child Trafficking Ring

Updated: Mar 7

Laura Barker was from China though she now lives happily in a European country. She flew back to China to visit her mother Flora. Flora only had a few weeks left to live, she was terminally Ill from cancer.

On Flora's last day, she requested that Laura stay with her alone, it was only then that she revealed to Laura that she was not her biological child. Flora confessed that she had bought her from a child trafficking ring (which is still common in China), she bought her because Flora and Robert, her dad had tried for many years and couldn't get pregnant.

Laura cried a lot, not only for the unimaginable pain that her biological parents likely went through in losing a baby. Also for the fact that her mother and father have gone beyond to treat her as their real daughter. They were never abusive to Laura and only gave her the very best in life. They even willingly sent Laura to the US for a university education, even though they struggled to pay for it.

Laura right there forgave Flora for what she had done.

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